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3 Paleo Foods to Eat Before a CrossFit Workout

Crossfit workouts are known for their high intensity. Athletes that enter the Crossfit gym expect to push their own limits and get stronger. Some even make a trip to the notorious bucket affectionately titled “pukie”. To fuel your body through one of these grueling, yet addicting styles of workouts, you need the right type of nutrition before you enter the gym.

Pre-workout food can be tricky for many athletes. While some athletes cannot tolerate eating anything before a workout, particularly in the morning, there are others that feel they need some sort of nutrients in their body before starting a workout. Regardless, the idea of hitting the mat doing an unusually high number of burpees on a full stomach sounds less than appealing. Pre-workout foods tend to vary from person to person but there are still certain nutrients you will want in your stomach before you work out to help you power through – especially if you are aiming to beat your personal best or get on the whiteboard.

Here are the top three foods you should eat before a Crossfit workout.

  1. Almond Butter – Almond butter is a favorite for many Crossfit athletes because it serves multiple purposes. First, it is high in protein which is essential to build stronger muscles and to help your muscles recovery properly from a workout. It is also a healthy type of fat which can give you some much needed energy throughout your workout. Eating almonds in a butter format will be easier on your stomach to digest than having to break down the nuts in their raw form and will still give you the nutritional benefits found in raw almonds.
  2. Banana – Bananas are a carbohydrate that are packed full of potassium. This potassium serves as a much needed energy boost before a workout, as well as an essential nutrient to help your muscles heal once the workout is over. Depending on your weight, fitness level and goals, you may want to only eat a third or a half of a banana before a workout. Even this small amount of food will give you the energy boost and nutrients you need to feel your best during a Crossfit WOD.
  3. Dates – This is another type of sugar that many athletes consume before a workout. Just a small amount can go a long way which can help you eat less and still get the carbohydrates in your body that will help you push you to your limits. Just eating one date may be able to give you enough of a boost to get you through a tough WOD without leaving you feeling overly full or bloated.

Keep in mind that because CrossFit workouts are known for their high intensity, you are best served to identify good food to eat before a CrossFit workout. Pre-workout nutrition tends to vary with each person, but for those who like to have something in their stomach before hitting the gym these tips can help you get the most out of your workout without feeling too full. What other pre-workout foods do you love to consume? Leave us a comment below.

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