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Beetroot Juice Boosts Performance & Detoxifies

Beetroot Juice Boosts Performance & Detoxifies

If you’re looking for the magical solution to get you pumped, your one-stop source to rid your body of all those toxins or if you’re looking for that perfect product that can get you ripped, fit, and healthy—there is none. But beets are pretty dang close.

From way back when—with knights, no showers, and being relatively in the dark—one thing was introduced that still is in use today: beetroots. Although they aren’t as innovative as other discoveries of that time, like eyeglasses, public libraries, and the printing press, they still impacted history enough to stick around.

The juice of beets was used to relieve symptoms from a variety of different ailments—whether it was indigestion or issues with the blood.

They had so much of a positive impact back then, that beets have made it onto our plates today. Even more so, they’re gaining popularity.

The healing and fortifying properties of the beetroot, or Beta vulgaris rubra, are making its way through the masses as a Superfood that can detoxify and boost performance.

Even though you might not be a fan of that sweet, earthy flavor, if you’ve found a way to consume it on a daily basis, like with our Concentrated Beet Juice Powder, you can really reap the benefits of this powerful little plant.

Especially if you’re living an active lifestyle, the results you work on in the gym can only get better with a burst of ascorbic acid, vitamin E, carotenes, calcium, phenolic acids, and phytoestrogens. Beets can also keep you healthier, longer.

The best way to get all the nutrients absorbed in your body?

Eat or drink them raw. When you cook beets, the heat of the stove or oven will actually diminish the good stuff—lowering the nutrition content contained in the vegetable in its natural state.

What Makes Beets So Powerful?

One word: Nitrate.

This compound, when found in vegetables, is extremely healthy and beneficial to your body, especially when you’re working out. The one thing you’ll want while you’re pumping iron is your body to pump blood and oxygen into your muscles—as efficiently and as powerfully as possible. Nitrate does that.

As it’s converted into nitric oxide, it relaxes and dilates the blood vessels, making it easier for your muscles to get oxygen and making that “Mount Kilimanjaro Workout” feel like an ant hill.

How Does it Boost Athletic Performance?

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or if you are strong enough to be mistaken as one, beetroots can assist you in your quest to be stronger, faster, and better—by just focusing on one thing.

Once your blood vessels dilate and become wider, your body is able to distribute those nutrients and oxygen to your muscles much easier.

The more oxygen you have flowing to those muscles, the longer it will take them to fatigue.

This helps you run longer, lift harder, and perform better since it increases your energy levels, ups your performance, and has a direct, extremely positive effect on your stamina.

The Science Behind It

The nitrate in the beetroot will target the mitochondria, which is found in your cell and is responsible for producing your energy.

It’ll take that “process” and increase the production with more oxygen—making it easier to produce all that energy.

Since that’s going on, you’ll need less and less oxygen to perform a certain exercise or movement, allowing you to use that normally-used oxygen later on, helping you train longer.

There is a ton of data showing improved oxygen capacity in kayakers, swimmers, cyclists, and runners after consuming beets. The beneficial properties help these athletes go longer and harder in their sport when compared to a placebo group.

So, if you’re looking for a supplement that can help you lift stronger and longer, look no further than that small, red vegetable found at your local produce market.

So, What About Detox?

The beet is an extremely powerful vegetable, containing detoxifying properties.

Especially after that weekend-long binge or even a couple of drinks during Friday evening’s dinner, you’ll want to completely start fresh for your workout on Saturday morning.

Beetroot juice can be that all-purpose cleaner, coming in for the rescue after late-night shenanigans with all your friends—it works effectively as a natural blood cleanser.

If you’re looking for the perfect detox, beetroot juice can go through the blood in your body and rid it of all those toxins, heavy metals, and waste which have been making you sluggish and not at all ready to work out.

The Science Behind It

The beetroot has this antioxidant, called “glutathione”. It targets the liver and other organs associated with digestion. It goes in and sweeps up all the mess, running it through your body and out.

Not only is it good for that Saturday or Monday detox, but drinking beets on the regular is also optimal for the health of your liver, as a whole.

Your liver is the MVP in making your body clean.

It works tirelessly, filtering out all the bad. It detoxes your body and your blood, breaks down hormones, and stores essential vitamins, minerals, and iron. It also can help you get those acid levels in your body under control.

The betalains, found in beets, can target and neutralize those toxins and turn them into something that can be soaked up and diluted in water, which prepares them to be flushed out of the body, for good.

Beetroots also have a lot of fiber, which works with your digestive tract and bowel movements to get everything out and healthy again.

Boost Your Performance and Detox Your Body

As a superfood, beets seem to be perfectly constructed for athletes.

It helps boost your energy and increase your performance for short periods of time.

In the long run, it provides amazing results for your cognitive, digestive, and heart health, along with so many other benefits for your body.


If you’re looking for that boost you want in the gym or the cleanse your body needs, beetroots can be the simple answer. Even better? All that power can be drank down in one glass of our Concentrated Beet Juice Powder

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