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How a Daily Dose of Beetroot Transforms High Blood Pressure

Have you been eating your beets? If not, we won’t hurt you. However, it might be time to reevaluate and look into what these little maroon monsters have to offer. Beetroot health benefits are impressive and far-reaching. Beets are a great nutritional choice for numerous reasons–from fighting cancer, to providing essential vitamins, and regulating blood pressure–these guys will make your body smile from the inside out.

What’s especially magical about beets is that they contain manganese and potassium–which are important for blood-pressure regulation. They also contain vitamin-C, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus–essential vitamins and minerals your body needs for proper function.1 High blood pressure is a very common health concern. However, it is one that can be addressed through natural means, like beets! They help stabilize your blood pressure and return you back to the healthy range. So, how exactly do they do it?

Beets have a high concentration of nitrates–compounds that help to increase blood flow to the brain, heart, and muscles. Once nitrate enters your body, it is converted into a powerful gas called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes the smooth muscles in your blood vessels and helps your arteries stay properly dilated–maximizing blood flow. Nitrate also has an antiplatelet effect that helps prevent blood from thickening and clotting.2 So what does that mean? It means that these work together to support easier blood flow and may lead to significantly lowered blood pressure. Studies have also found that beets lower systolic blood pressure–the force that drives blood out of the heart–by 4-5 points. While that drop may seem small, when viewed on an overall public health level it would equate to a 10% reduction in deaths due to heart disease.3 Beets are also awesome for working out. Their organic properties provide your body with long-lasting energy and help to vastly increase stamina–due to their ability to increase your natural blood flow.

You might not be a huge fan of beets, and to be honest, many of us aren’t. Nevertheless, there are simple and creative ways to incorporate beets into your diet. One of the more common ways is juicing. Throw in some beets and add carrots, cucumbers, apples, and some lemon for a tasty, powerhouse drink. Beets are also beneficial raw or cooked. Slice ‘em up and add them to your favorite salad. Our personal favorite is natural concentrated beetroot supplements, often called Nitric Oxide activators; combine with 8 ounces of water and quickly gulp the nitrate rich benefits of beets.

However you decide to get these little guys into your system is up to you, we just hope you can show them some love and get them in your daily diet. Beets are an excellent addition to a natural regimen to help combat high blood-pressure and increase your daily energy and overall stamina. It is a powerhouse food that will add leaps and gains to your long-term health.

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