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My Results with Nitrate Rich Beet Juice

Nitrate Rich Beet Juice Plays a Key Role in Endurance & Performance
Do you call yourself an athlete?
If you are putting in work, maybe it’s time you call yourself an athlete. Now, after a lot of work; I can proudly say that I call myself an athlete, I have never been dedicated to the idea of relying on supplements to fuel and enhance my activity. Whether it be for pre-, during, or post-workout, I just have not seen enough benefit of supplements. As a woman, my nutrition needs are not always addressed by a supplement product, aside from an occasional protein powder and beloved paleo nutrition bars.

Most supplements do not interest me. Social media is ablaze with supplements toting increased energy, muscle recovery, and growth, and I only vaguely care. At one point, I found myself researching some of these supplements just to see what all the hype was about. I came across warnings such as, “do not consume with coffee” and “may cause a tingling sensation.”

Yikes! I immediately vowed to not try these supplements because they clearly came with some heavy side effects. Not cool.

That is, until recently when I began hearing more chatter around the benefits of nitrate rich beet powder. After some reading and searching, I tried Beet Nitrates from AMRAP.

AMRAP’s Beet Nitrate formula is freeze dried beetroot powder that, when mixed with water, can be used as an plant-based, Paleo-friendly, pre-workout drink. It is an endurance juice with simple easy-to-digest ingredients. There is nothing scary about this formula; beets, sea-salt, and stevia, and the payoff is big.

Why beets, you ask?
Fresh juices - red beet, cabbage and carrotSince beets are rich in Nitrates (NO3), the mix becomes absorbed into the bloodstream and is secreted into saliva. The bacteria in your mouth converts the Nitrates into Nitrite (NO2). When the NO2-rich saliva gets swallowed, the Nitrite is re-absorbed and loses oxygen to become Nitric Oxide (NO). The NO then boosts your stamina, which helps you exercise for an extended period of time and also improves blood flow and pressure. I’ve found that AMRAP’s Beet Formula allows you to work out to your greatest potential.

I have used AMRAP Beet Nitrates now a few times. I have used it prior to performing a variety of exercises, such as Zumba, power lifting, and running. The greatest success that I found with using it has been that it has increased my endurance. Some of my workouts can last as long as two hours depending on the day of the week and the part of the body I am targeting that day, so energy boost I gain from a healthy beet juice is insanely helpful.

With this energy increase, I have also found that I am able to endure longer workouts, which has motivated me to increase my workout time. Even though I haven’t seen an improvement in, say, my running time in the short term, it certainly makes for an easier and more effective workout.

I would highly recommend the Beet Nitrate formula from AMRAP Nutrition for any athlete that is looking for a safe, plant-based alternative to a traditional pre-workouts or endurance powders. It is made by people I trust, and who have my best interests at heart because they use beet juice in the same way.

My Favorite Features
All my friends can say a brief prayer to the gods in the sky – as nasty as a instant beet juice sounds, it actually taste really good; it’s sweet and not earthy like you would think.
It only takes 20 – 30 minutes to kick in and the benefits last upwards of 4 or more hours. Perfect if you have event and you want the edge but not risk a full stomach prior to your race.
Boy’s this is good for you ‘down-stairs’, it helps with blood flow and relaxes your blood vessels. You and your partner will be surprised

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