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Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body, most of which is stored in the muscles. It is involved in many metabolic processes, including protein synthesis and nitrogen metabolism. Glutamine is specifically recommended for athletes because it helps prevent muscle breakdown and supports development and recovery.

While there are many good natural sources of glutamine, it’s difficult for the majority of people to get enough of this essential amino acid from their food alone. AMRAP Nutrition Glutamine is pharmaceutical-grade “free-form” l-glutamine, provided in a finely micronized powder designed to maximize absorption. Supplementing your diet with AMRAP Nutrition pure glutamine is a proven and reliable way to boost protein synthesis, strengthen your immune system, improve gut health, build and maintain muscle, and recover more quickly from exercise.

    Improves athletic performance by:

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      Protects your body from overtraining

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      Promotes healthy muscle and cellular growth

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      Boosts recovery

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      Helps synthesize protein more efficiently

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      Strengthens the immune system

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      Paleo and vegetarian friendly

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      Non-GMO and gluten free


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    The insurance every athlete needs against overtraining. Our Pure Glutamine Powder is a pharmaceutical-grade fuel designed to protect your body from the negative effects of going too hard.

    Glutamine helps prevent muscle breakdown and supports development and recovery. It also promotes healthy muscle and cellular growth, helps the body synthesize protein, strengthens immune function and supports digestive health.


    To bounce back like a boss, mix one or two scoops with 8 oz. fruit juice and drink after exercise or before bed..

    Real People Real Results

    How soon can I see the benefits from taking this supplement?

    Our bodies react differently to dietary supplements. Some see benefits as early as their first intake; others may take days. We suggest that you strictly follow the recommended servings and take them as directed.

    My stomach is particularly sensitive to supplements. Any suggestions on how to avoid negative effects while taking your Glutamine supplement?

    We always recommend that you take our supplements with food since they are concentrated. This is to avoid uncomfortable stomach reactions.

    What is the flavor of this product?

    We do not use artificial flavors on our products. They are all natural, that is why we suggest that they be mixed with your favorite smoothie or fruit juice.

    Does this contain any sweetener like Splenda?

    No, this contains L-glutamine only – no sweeteners, no artificial flavors.

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