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HMB Capsules: Natural Formula To Quickly Increase Strength & Build Muscle.

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Build More Muscle

HMB works by slowing protein breakdown and speeding up protein synthesis allowing you to build more muscle in less time.

Increase Strength & Power

Using HMB will allow you to get the most performance out of your muscles in terms of strength, endurance and total power output.

Athletic Performance

Studies shown HMB promotes advantageous changes in body composition and stimulates an increase in aerobic and anaerobic capacity in athletes.

Look Mean & Keep It Clean

Stock Up On Strength. HMB is a natural substance to help you build, maintain, and repair muscle. This supplement is ideal for athletes of all levels wanting to increase lean muscle mass, strength, and stamina.

HMB is a safe and effective way to increase your overall athletic performance.

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Everyone wants an edge in sports, fitness and in life - and for good reason. Let us help you achieve your athletic and fitness goals by helping you quickly increase lean muscle mass, power and strength.


Natural Solution

Used by the body to protect and repair muscle tissue by slowing muscle protein breakdown and speeding protein synthesis. Thus preserving the structural integrity of your muscle cells.

Micronized Powder

Micronization is the process of reducing the average diameter of a solid material's particles. We do this to improve the absorption and effectiveness of our HMB capsules upon consumption.

Third-Party Tested

As a company all of our products are 3rd party tested for quality, purity, and consistency. As an athlete this allows you to optimize your nutrition knowing our formulas won't change.

WADA Compliant

Many professional and college athletes use our products. For this reason all of our formulas are WADA compliant and designed to help you get the most out of your training.

Proven Results

Research shows that taking HMB 2 - 3 times per day with food or before exercise increases power performance in strength athletes and stamina in endurance athletes.

Safe & Effective

Natural found in your body, HMB is one of the most well studied supplements in the sports nutrition industry. It has been show to be a safe and effective way to improve your physique and athletic performance.

"As a competitive athlete, I like to win. I can honestly say that within 30 days of starting to take AMRAP Nutrition HMB I set new PR (Personal Records) in all my Olympic lifts. I've been training for years, and this was the only change I made to my routine. It is an absolute must-have if you want to become stronger. The results speak for themselves."

Russell Bishop

4 JUNE 2019, 10:41

"Throughout my life, I have always been very active and competitive, it's just who I am. For three months now I've been taking AMRAP Nutrition HMB along with the creatine and I've noticed and an increase in muscle size, endurance, and strength. I take two capsules with each meal and if I have a really hard workout I will take a couple extra to help with my recovery and soreness."

Ali Hogan

9 JAN 2018, 2:01

"Just getting back into CrossFit I noticed I was getting really sore after each workout, and that the soreness would last for three or four days. I cleaned up my diet, eliminated processed sugars and started taking these HMB capsules with every meal. The results were impressive, quickly I started building more muscle, sleeping better and having less soreness. I just ordered a six month supply today."

Gabe Rossmont

24 MAY 2019, 03:11


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase; even if you used all the product and the bottle is empty. Simply contact customer service for a full refund. We will even refund your shipping fees and you won’t even need to return the empty bottle.

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