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Fish Oil: Omega 3 Rich Oil Used To Speed Recovery & Reduce Inflammation.

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Omega 3s are powerful anti-inflammatories to help your body recover from exercise or just feel good from the moment you wake up.

Mental Clarity

Use the power of our wild-caught fish oil to support your brain and memory and improve mental clarity.

Health & Vitality

Diets high in Omega 3's promote overall health and increase daily energy levels helping you have a great day, every day.

Essential For Active People

Fish are friends. Our cold-processed, wild-caught fish oil is naturally high in omega-3s, DHA and EPA. In triglyceride form for max absorption and nitrogen sealed for freshness. Give your body and mind the nutrients needed to thrive.

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Everyone wants an edge in sports, fitness and in life - and for good reason. Let us help you achieve your athletic, fitness, and health goals by helping you get the omega 3s you need to thrive and the mental clarity to win.


Wild Caught

Wild-caught small fish are the richest source of omega-3s, and because the body can't manufacture these nutrients on its own, it is vital to get them from high-quality externals sources

Nitrogen Sealed

Using a proprietary nitrogen process our fish oil softgels are sealed in such a way that preserves quality and protects the omega-3s from oxidation (less than 1% of manufactures do this).

Triglyceride Form

Our fish oil is in triglyceride (TG) form which improve the bioavailability and absorption by nearly 300% thus allowing your body to get the most out of these vital omega-3s.

WADA Compliant

Many professional and college athletes use our products. For this reason all of our formulas are WADA compliant and designed to help you get the most out of your training.

Proven Results

Research shows that taking 2 - 4 grams of omega-3s rich fish oil daily can increase your natural energy levels, promote overall health, and support brain and memory function.

Safe & Effective

Your body can’t manufacture omega-3s on its own, so it’s critical to get these fatty acids from external sources. Each softgel contains the highest quality fish oil which is easily absorbed by the body.

"I like this AMRAP Nutrition fish oil because my CrossFit coach recommended it to me and I know he spends a ton of time researching everything. He said it is the best and that he has tried them all and I would agree with him. I've been taking one capsule with each meal daily for the last four or five months. I feel great, didn't get sick this last cold/flu season and no have my husband taking them."

Jenny Sanders

14 FEB 2018, 11:21

"As a nutritionist and personal trainer, I know that my clients are not getting the omega-3s they need. For this reason, I highly recommend that they take a fish oil supplement and not some cheap one found on Amazon because the quality matters when it comes to omega-3s and fish oil. I've done my research on AMRAP Nutrition and like what these guys stand for, and the quality they produce is outstanding and I believe they have put a lot of thought into their product line."

Chris Ramson

19 JULY 2019, 12:11

"I take AMRAP Nutrition fish oil because I know my diet is low in omega-3s. I try to eat fish two to three times per week, always wild-caught but even then it is hard to get all the omega threes we need. Most dietitians would agree that we need to be eating fish daily. So start eating tuna salads for lunch, but also consider a high-quality fish oil like this to supplement your diet because it is nearly impossible to get what you need from diet alone."

Rebecca Blackburn

04 MAY 2019, 08:17


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase; even if you used all the product and the bottle is empty. Simply contact customer service for a full refund. We will even refund your shipping fees and you won’t even need to return the empty bottle.

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