What is your return policy?

AMRAP products use the highest quality ingredients we can find, without sacrificing taste or performance. However, if you are not happy with our product, please return it with the packaging anytime before you die for a full refund (less S&H). Please request an RMA number for the product(s) you will be returning, you will also receive the mailing address. Without an RMA number, your return could be lost in our warehouse for days and days and days.

I’m patiently waiting for my refund, where is it?

Refunds are processed on the 1st and 15th of each month. Depending upon when we received your product and if it had an RMA number attached to it will determine when your refund will be processed.

How can I check on the status of my order?

Tracking information sent to you once your order has processed. If you never received an email with this information, then your order most likely did not go through. Please check your credit card statement prior to contacting us to ensure you were in fact billed and the order went through.

My credit card has a charge on it but my order did not go through

After you attempt to place any purchase using your credit card a ‘pending’ charge is shown on your statement for up to seven days… you cannot tell it is pending but if the order did not go through, your credit card company will automatically remove this charge without our intervention. If this pending charge is more than seven days old, contact us so that we may look in to it.

How do I resell your product in my Box (or gym)?

Please fill out our wholesale registration for more information. Completely fill out and submit the application and we will approve you to order product wholesale at a discounted rate.


How can I become a distributor of your product for my country?

If you want to be a distributor in your country, draft your proposal (prior experience in both distribution and nutrition is a must) and email it to ron@amrapusa.com.

How do I become a sponsored athlete?

By being super radical! Draft a one-page I-can-lift-awkward-heavy-objects-and-hold-handstands-in-odd-places resume outlining how you will promote our brand and why you are the perfect person for this job.  Submit your resume using our awesome contact us page.


How can I get a product sample?

We have a ‘sample’ option in which you just pay for shipping!  Please visit our home page and submit your email to the email field and claim your sample!


I’m a blogger and want to review your product. Where do I begin?

Please email your name, blog URL, and other relevant information, along with any additional questions, using our awesome contact form!


What are the benefits of being a VIP (auto-ship) customer?

First and foremost, you instantly become more AWESOME in our book for supporting AMRAP Nutrition! We also honor you with free shipping, backorder protection, and exclusive access to new products and special product launch prizes – plus, free stuff!


My address has changed, how do I update my account?

Please log into your account via www.amrapusa.com.  Go to your account settings and update your new information


What if monthly shipments are too frequent? I’m unable to eat them fast enough.

We have an option in which you can receive your VIP shipments every other month.  Please contact us using our contact form to update your shipment frequency.


Do you guys sponsor events?

Yes we do!  Just contact us on our contact form and we will be in touch!

Do you ship to Canada?

No, unfortunately we do not ship to Canada at this time for customer orders.  However, we are planning to in the future so stay tuned!

I want to know more about your egg white protein in the AMRAP bars.

All of our suppliers are put through a rigorous quality check including investigations into their allergen control programs, hazard prevention plans, employee training, third-party audits and food safety practices. While we must maintain a certain level of confidentiality, we can guarantee that our egg white protein supplier exceeds our high standards.

We are very excited to be in collaboration with this supplier, as they are the best in the industry. Our egg white protein powder is non GMO and manufactured in the USA. These are whole egg whites and the powder is created using a spray dried process without the use of carriers.

The final egg white protein powder contains no preservatives, sulfites or colorings.