Irish Beef Stew

Irish Beef Stew

You don’t have to be a connoisseur of food to whip up something delectable. At times, a simple and wholesome recipe is what does the trick, as it can be incredibly tasty and quickly become one of the most loved comfort foods in your family. For instance, think back to those days, when mothers and grandmas would cook a large pot of warm stew for the whole family on a cold, wintery day, with the tantalizing aroma spreading all over the house – it was a simple meal, which was everyone’s favorite.

The good old days…

Although the concept of Paleo wasn’t much prevalent back then, you can cook good and hearty meals for your family based on this idea. A classic Irish beef stew is just what every family needs on a cold or rainy day when temperatures are low. Just imagine sitting around a crackling fire and spending time with your loved ones while sampling the stew – sounds great, right? This stew is suitable for kids too as it is extremely nutritious and will be in their tummies in no time, if you serve it to them when they come home from school or playing outdoors.

Healthy and scrumptious

Beef stew has several variations – some prefer it with more vegetables in large quantities while others might choose to experiment with the flavor by adding a few slices of an apple (yes that’s right!). I have used cubed carrots and potatoes, along with chopped garlic and onions. My objective was to create nutrient dense dish that is both tasty and healthy, which I have thankfully achieved. This stew is high on vitamins and minerals, and low on calories, so health buffs can consume it without counting calories in their minds!

The role of red wine…

To bring out the essence of the stew, I have added a cup of red wine since it helps to flavor and moisten the meat and vegetables while simmering. Being an acidic substance, red wine contains a lot of tang, which greatly aids the cooking process. In fact, it is used in some cakes for these very reasons – in place of fat it makes the cake light and adds on some complimentary flavors as well.

Some good old-fashioned style cooking is definitely on the cards on chilly fall and winter evenings! The stew should ideally be served with breadsticks, or a light rice dish. If you opt for the latter, go easy on the dessert. Garlic bread also works as does its crusty variety, which you can break into bite-sized pieces and eat by dipping into the thick gravy!

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