5 tips for better sleep

Whether you are having sleeping problems, wake up frequently or just want to get the most out of your 7 hours of downtime.

These tips will help you win the night, so you can own the day - we hope you enjoy them and encourage you to leave a sleep tip to help others in our Facebook comments.

Keep Your Cool

At night, when it's time to go to sleep your body begins to cool down, and you can hack this natural process by keeping your bedroom cool. To help amplify this process you can also take a cool bath 30 minutes before bed.

Early To Bed

When the sun goes down your body releases melatonin, making you sleepy. Now, if you stay up past 10 PM your body will think something is wrong and release the stress hormone cortisol, giving you that second-wind that can last hours.

HAVE A Routine

It takes several days to get your body back into its natural rhythm, so if you’re staying up late on the weekends you won't be getting the most out of your sleep until mid-week. So it's best to keep a regular sleep schedule and do that Netflix marathon on Saturday afternoon.

Avoid Alcohol

Even one drink with dinner has been shown to reduce your REM sleep, the sleep responsible for brain and memory function. So if you’re going to have a drink try to do so earlier in the day, giving your body a chance to metabolize it before bed.

Exercise Daily

Our body is designed to move, and up until 100 years ago, we would walk 10+ miles per day. So no matter your level of fitness, make sure you’re getting in ample amounts of exercise each and every day.

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