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We are incredibly fortunate, 100’s of smart influential people have spent time with AMRAP Nutrition reviewing product samples, ingredients and nutrient profiles. While we could talk all day about our nutrient dense AMRAP Bars. How they are quick and convenient. The reality is our customers, fans and brand advocates are even more passionate.
These are professional athletes, gym owners, registered dietitians, discerning moms, paleo health experts, and performance nutrition bloggers and they would love to talk with about AMRAP Nutrition...

Shannon_ColavecchioShannon Colavecchio,

Seriously, you want to get these AMRAP Bars …whether you are a Paleo eater or not. These are high in protein and healthy fats with just a small amount of sugar – all from honey or figs... The bars contain the ideal fat to carb ratio that increases lean mass and energy and is critical for overall health and body composition. You might look at the label and think, whoa, too high in fat! But these are ALL good fats, the kind your body needs – in conjunction with protein – to build lean muscle. The kind you need to get through those AMRAP workouts.

Sarah_BallentynPhdSarah Ballentyne, PhD,

How exciting to see such a clean ingredient list! AMRAP Bars have just the kind of ingredients that I might have in my kitchen.  All in a convenient package, easy to grab, easy to keep in the bottom of your purse or glove compartment for emergencies, easy to pack in your kid’s lunchbox and these bars are delicious!

Melissa_HartwigMelissa Hartwig, Founder, Whole30

We're on the road often, and travel food doesn't always provide you with the healthiest options. AMRAP bars are a great choice for on-the-go - portable, really tasty, and made from healthy ingredients.  

Tim_FerrisTim Ferriss,

I usually hate protein bars as they tend to be candy bars with a little bit of protein added which doesn’t make them healthy. These are Paleo and these things are awesome! I love these bars and am taking them with me to Ethiopia to keep me alive while hiking through the desert. I’m excited to have lots of good fat and the 300 calories will keep me fueled.

Juli Bauer, Juli_Bauer

I absolutely love the AMRAP bars. They taste like delicious almond butter rolled into a biteable bar. They are perfect pre or post workout since they give you a boost of energy or refuel you for the day! Omg they are good!!  

Joey_PatroliaJoey Patrolia, Professional Spartan Race Athlete

I have personally tried all three flavors of AMRAP Bars and they are delicious. Being 100% Paleo, dairy free, gluten free, and have a fantastic fat to carb ratio, these are perfect for pre and post race nutrition.  

Tom_DavinTom Davin, CEO 5.11 Tactical 

Finally; a bar that isn't trying to be a candy bar! The AMRAP Bar tastes great, has 15g of protein and is Paleo friendly. Definitely worth adding to your program.  

Luke_DavidsonLuke Davidson,

I REALLY ENJOY AMRAP BARS!  The ingredients are 100% paleo and include clean ingredients like raw almonds, raw honey and coconut to name a few. ..I love that they are high in plant-based unsaturated fats; it is a great way to get your dose of healthy fats...The taste has a fresh nuttiness with a hint of coconut and the texture is very smooth and creamy! I can say after eating one of these I had to contain myself from downing the entire box.

Tiffany_HutchTiffany Hutch,  RRCA Certified Running Coach

Here are a few reasons to check out AMRAP Bars. 100% Paleo, CrossFitters rejoice! Non­ GMO, I love that! Gluten­ free & dairy free, Obviously! Preservative and artificial-anything ­free, Hurray!! Essential Vitamins. Includes calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese. High fat to carb ratio; this is important for increasing lean mass and energy. High protein. Great for muscle repair, growth, and recovery.

Melissa_JoulwanMelissa Joulwan,

These are damn tasty bars, and they’re nutritious, too, with a nice balance of protein, carbs, and fat. The ingredients are top-notch: 100% paleo...nuts and seeds, honey, unsweetened coconut, egg white protein, figs, cacao, vanilla extract, spices, sea salt; mixed together in a very special way.  

Jason_CobbJason Cobb, Founder CrossFit Fort Myers

The AMRAP Bar is a densely-packed "raw food" style bar with just the right amount of crunch, and a near-perfect balance of salty/sweet. A post-workout "supplement" that doesn't take a science degree to figure out. A great product for the CrossFit community.

 Lynda_BensonLynda Benson, 

AMRAP Bars are a great source of healthy and clean nutrition.  Whether you are a cross fitter, runner, swimmer, dancer, cyclist, or any endurance athlete, AMRAP bars are a perfect go to for energy.

Peter_ShallardPete Shallard, The Shrink for Entrepreneurs,

These bars are one of the best tasting and most healthy bars on the market. I've tried a ton of different "low carb" and paleo products and this is hands down my favorite. These are real bonafide paleo and are f***ing delicious!  

Christian_PoulinChristian Poulin, CrossFit Athlete

This bar meets my 2 most important criteria: must taste good, and keep me full for a few hours. This one tastes awesome (no equal in bars out there so far) and it kept my belly full for 3 hours, including a nasty CrossFit WOD!

Cain_CredicottCain Credicott, Founder, Paleo Magazine

The AMRAP bar is a gym bag, glove box, travel bag, purse, take with you necessity. Excellent, excellent, excellent job guys!

Kristin_McGeeKristin McGee, Celebrity Yoga & Pilates Instructor,

I have had many a protein bar, and not all are nearly as delicious as their marketing team would like you to think. That being said, AMRAP Protein Bars are actually delicious AND they’re Paleo! I especially loved the Vanilla Cashew flavor! They tasted great and kept me full for hours...The AMRAP Protein Bars are a grab and go item that fits the bill when it comes to Paleo and satisfies our inner cavewoman’s urge for a simpler nutrition plan. Unlike cheaper bars, they are a whole food – that is, they’re not chock full of chemicals and sugar.

Doug_DupontDoug Dupont,

CrossFitters frequently follow the paleo diet and also undertake a workout that demands quality nutrition. The bars are each based on nuts, fruits, and simple sweeteners and flavors like honey and cinnamon. Each bar also gets a protein boost from egg white protein to supplement the protein from the nuts. Each of the three flavors has a fair amount of fats, since nuts are a major ingredient. As such, the bars also have a fair number of calories, making them great for workout recovery and for people trying to build muscle.

stephanie_greunkeStephanie Greunke, Registered Dietician,

I loved the new bars and have continued to use the AMRAP bars all throughout my pregnancy. Somedays I really couldn't stomach having a huge meal or wanted something light. These were a much cleaner replacement to the typical "morning sickness" recommendations during pregnancy, such as crackers. I also LOVE having them handy if I'm out running errands and need some "fast food." Love the company and the product!

Shawna_MealeyShawna Mealey, Paleo Enthusiast, Long Beach, CA

I only intended to take a bite of the AMRAP bar to taste it, but before I knew it, I polished it off. They will be perfect to take along backpacking, because of their size, as well as being calorie dense. I noticed while backpacking, I craved mildly sweet foods, so these will be perfect!

Brandon_RogersBrandon Rogers, CrossFit Coach, Laguna Beach, CA

I am an athlete training with the affiliate CrossFit Refinery. I tried the AMRAP bar during the CrossFit Level One Certification. It was perfect for my needs and the fat content helped me feel full. The bar taste great!! Nice work guys. Keep them coming.

cole_campbellCole Campbell, Peak Performance

The AMRAP Bar is a perfect substitute from all the processed post workout bars on the market today, without losing that delicious flavor. I would recommend it for anyone looking to refuel after an exhausting WOD. (Also a great morning kick off to the day.)

Diana_HsiehDiana Hsieh, 

I was pleased with the samples of the new AMRAP Bar I tried. It's a dense and chewy bar with a solidly nutty flavor. If you need a quick bite on the go, AMRAP is a good option.  

Ben_SmithBen Smith, CrossFit Games Athlete

I tried the AMRAP Bar and I really thought they were good! They tasted great and I really liked how everything was all natural. It's a very good source of good fats and protein. You guys do have a great product! Thank you for letting me try them!  

 Amy_KubalAmy Kubal, Registered Dietician and Writer for

The AMRAP Bars are a GREAT option for on the bike nutrition during long tri's. And they are damn tasty too!!! I just tried one today on a bike ride and really liked it! I definitely recommend them!  

 Candice_RuizCandice Ruiz, CrossFit Iron Horse/CrossFit Game Athlete

The AMRAP Bars are amazing! My husband and I had to double check the ingredients just to make sure it was really Paleo. It tastes so good!  

Gerard_AndrewsGerard Andrews, Strength & Conditioning Coach; London England

The AMRAP Bar is the perfect answer to help me refuel after a punishing CrossFit session. It tastes great and it's Paleo, what more can I ask for!!  

tony-federicoTony Federico, Owner FED Fitness 

I broke into the sample bars while covering AHS '12 for Paleo Magazine and have to say that they were very good. I think it was the closest thing to "real food in bar form" that I have yet to experience. It tasted more like home-made than factory produced.

Alison_GoldenAlison Golden,

We love the AMRAP Refuel bars. I had my family describe them in three words and if the kids would be happy to find them in their lunch boxes. Nutty, yummy, dense and YES a lunch box must!  

 Patrick_BurkePatrick Burke, CrossFit Games Athlete

The AMRAP Bars taste great! Feel a ton better about eating these when I'm in a pinch than anything else you can find on the market! Look forward to getting another order!  

Lindsey_SmithLindsey Smith, CrossFit Games Athlete

AMRAP Bars are definitely the best tasting, cleanest bar I've had. I typically eat several bars a week, but you have the others beat.  

 Jami_MarturelloJamie Marturello, CrossFit Athlete, Boise, Idaho

I believe that eating clean has changed my life and the Refuel bar is exactly what I need to keep my energy level high and continue on with my action packed day.  

Trevor_StevensTrevor Stevens, Owner, CrossFit GLS

The AMRAP Bar is absolutely delicious, I could eat ten of them a day! I like the high protein and fat content to keep me powered through the day.  

CrossFit_Ad_AltaJason Abney, Coach, CrossFit Ad Alta

Think AMRAP bars are great! I think you guys have done a great job with this!! BTW, I let my kids split a bar and after they finished they said, "Daddy, do we have any more of those?" Even 5 and 6 yr. olds like them!  

 neely_quinnNeely Quinn, Nutrition Therapist,

The ingredients are pretty darn great in AMRAP paleo bars... Sometimes a nutty snack is in order, and AMRAP Bars use raw almond butter and raw almonds, which is commendable… they even use Raw honey instead of refined honey--Awesome...the ingredients are all nutrient dense choices that make a nice fatty, protein rich snack...for normal people, and especially for active people, I think AMRAP Bars nutrition numbers are good. 300 calories is actually pretty significant, constituting a meal for some people on low calorie diets...It’s a good meal replacement for those times when you’re seriously in a rush and just can’t find anything decent to eat. Or it’s good trail running or cycling food if you can stomach solids on your long workouts.

 Lindsey_TredentLindsay Tredent,

I ate this bar as an afternoon snack while I was working. I was really hungry and my intention was to have it tide me over until dinner time and it did just that. The bar tasted good. It didn’t taste too sugary or sweet like a candy bar, which I liked. It just tasted like a good, clean protein packed snack. The combination of the almond butter and the sea salt was really yummy. I was pleasantly surprised...AMRAP Bars is short for as many rounds a possible and since Crossfit and paleo go together like peanut butter and jelly so I knew this bar was made with crossfitters and athletes in mind.I flipped over the wrapper to check the ingredients. It’s filled with all natural and whole ingredients which is why it can be considered to be paleo...AMRAP Bars have 300 calories but part of the paleo diet principles is not to focus on calories but putting good, clean food into your body. I haven’t really come across a nutrition bar that have all pure ingredients so this was pretty good.

Ashley_FlemingAshley Fleming, Registered Performance Nutritionist

Finding nutritious and delicious snacks on the go has been challenging, but AMRAP Bars finally give me a wholesome option with premium ingredients. The AMRAP bars have egg-white protein which makes them a great choice for a pre/post workout snack if you’re on the go or traveling. These also make a great healthy snack as part of your everyday lifestyle.
Lora_HoganLora Hogan, Yoga and Fitness SpecialistAMRAP Bars are seriously so good! I have never before had a bar that I liked so much or found so tasty. Really, I am impressed AMRAP!! Plus, it gave me the energy I needed to keep going on a VERY long day. As a yoga and a runner I have a crazy schedule and the average bars aren’t healthy--and aren’t filling...the new AMRAP Nutrition bars are a game changer.

Jason_GlaspeyJason Glaspey, Founder,

I did a taste and satiety test and it passed with flying colors...Before AMRAP, my typical go-to in times of need would be a [removed]. That said, I would definitely choose an AMRAP Bar over [removed] any day, both for their flavor and fat content...One day golfing, I had the bar at about 6:30 am, and didn’t get hungry until after noon. Which is pretty good. I think it’s a much better option with the high fat content than any other protein / nutrition bar on the market that I’ve tried yet….I would definitely consider having a stash of them for emergencies, especially after a workout when I don’t have access to real Paleo food, or for camping/road trips/long mountain bike rides. It’s all about trying to live this thing called Paleo, and I think this is a decent tool to have in my arsenal of tactics.

Andrea Christine_SteinAndrea Christine Stein, CrossFit Athlete

We love to stay abreast of all the new products marketed to fit health conscious individuals; Recently, we sampled AMRAP Nutrition new AMRAP Bars after reading about them on Paleo Digest.  It’s good! [removed] were my go to bar when I need something quick, but with AMRAP Bars three flavors arsenal of legit snacks. Its great to have a better option especially made with CrossFit Paleo athletes in mind.

Kelly_SeatonKelly Seaton, Whole Foods Writer,

I’ve tried a few different non-paleo bars over the last four years. Sometimes out of habit and other times out of sheer desperation, but I could always taste that there was something missing. real whole food. AMRAP Bars come in very handy when I don’t have time to cook...I enjoy having a whole foods, Paleo-approved snack in the house!  I also love a few other aspects, like how there are 8 in a box rather than the usual 5 or 6...The size of the AMRAP Bar is just right and are more filling than other protein bars...When I eat real food, I tend to need less of it to get full. Overall I am thrilled by AMRAP Bars; they’re a staple to my grocery list. It’s a relief to finally feel good about eating a protein bar again!

Jennifer_ZenatorJennifer Zenator,

Some of the things I liked most about the AMRAP Bars...THE TASTE! So yummy! I could really become addicted to these things. At 12g to 15g a bar, they pack a nice protein punch and help you stay fuller longer...Usually high protein bars can be really chalky and gummy. Not these babies. The dates and nut butters really make the bars palatable without any weird after tastes...then there is the fiber content. Often there’s a trade off between either high fiber or high protein bars. These bars offer high protein and a great 3g to 4 g of dietary fiber...and of course the simple whole ingredients lets me know what I’m putting into my body....I’ve had zero stomach distress from these bars and I see them sustaining my energy levels for a long training run...Plus they are made in the USA!


Since my baby was born I haven’t had much of an appetite, However, I grabbed the almond & honey flavor and took the tiniest bite I could, And then I took a HUGE bite! It’s delicious! these have the perfect consistency!  I can take a bite without dropping half of it on my lap, and I don’t feel the need to suck down a glass of water between each bite! I will definitely be stocking up on these.

Karey_BoerstKarey Boerst, 

I honestly really enjoy these bars!  I love that they are a clean, paleo-friendly bar with limited ingredients.  Plus, they taste good & pack a decent amount of protein...these bars are pretty high in calories which is good if you’re doing a really KILLER intense workout...For me breaking them in half was just about perfect… I liked them all especially the Fig and Cacao. With hints of chocolate and soft mild sweetness, it was delicious!

Kat_CondonKat Condon, Health Coach,

This company cares about their product. AMRAP Bars get a 10 out of 10 in nutrition and flavor. Like any good foodie, I was skeptical when I first found the bars. The calorie content is higher than other bars [320 calories] as well as the fat content [21 grams] but then I read the ingredients list and realized a few things. These bars are made with premium whole ingredients that are entirely gluten and GMO-free …there’s no way I would pass these bars in the store without buying them.

Lyndsay_MarvinLyndsay Marvin, 

I don’t necessarily consider myself Paleo, but I tend to follow it more than any other lifestyle and when I heard of AMRAP Bars’ reputation, I was game to try them... I wasn’t sure how I felt about the flavor choices either. But that’ll teach you to never judge a book by its cover, because let me tell you… THEY WERE DELICIOUSLY AMAZING!!...I’m a pretty picky eater, but these were hands-down some of the absolute best bars I’ve ever tried….I seriously need more.



I love that the closest thing to a processed ingredient, if you can even call it that, is the egg white protein and the fig paste – no sugar alcohols or soy lecithin to be seen! And of course taste is crucially important and AMRAP Bars did not disappoint. They taste homemade and are so delicious!

David Schroeder, Athlete, Coach, Gym Owner

One look at the nutritional facts and ingredients and I was "SOLD!". I needed nothing else, but [AMRAP Bars] even taste good!!  


I really loved these bars! They are very tasty, easy to consume on the go (they aren’t hard and crunchy, which I hate), and are made with real, whole foods! In my opinion, they would be perfect post workout or between meals.  What I really love about AMRAP as a company is that they chose to use nutrient dense ingredients and that those ingredients serve a purpose to help fuel the body and promote growth, repair and recovery.  They aim to “raise the bar” with what they offer in comparison to what exists and I believe they do that very well!

Ashleigh_HinrichsAshleigh Hinrichs,

AMRAP Nutrition's bars are something I’ve been eyeing since for a while now.  That’s because they were the only bar that was high protein, but was also 100% Paleo. When I tasted the three flavors (Fig Cacao, Almond Honey, and Cashew Vanilla), I honestly I ate them so quickly I forgot to take any notes on flavor.  I just know that they were goooood.  One things for sure, the size and texture were very filling, enough to tie me over and replace up to 2 meals--my usual breakfast and snack.

Katie_LifesNxtBigStepKatie, CrossFit Athlete,

These  AMRAP bar will enhance your performance the same way it elevates the CrossFit athletes that swear by them. They provide athletes with the whole ingredients, unprocessed nutrients, and clean fuel to power their workouts. If a dense protein bar is your style, you will LOVE these... and as far as taste goes, these are really good!  You can see the healthy ingredients in the bars and know you’re putting something good into your body.

Giselle_SchroerGiselle Schroer, Health & Fitness Writer

I’ve noticed I haven’t had as much time to prep meals and snacks.  So I like to have keep clean, protein packed bars in case I need a quick meal, refuel or snack.My favorite lately are definitely these AMRAP Bars! ...I must say I’m in love with them!


"It's important to me to be able to get the most out of my body."


"I just wanted to prove to myself that I could."


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