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Deep Sleep?

Zinc and magnesium play essential roles in numerous bodily systems, including cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, immune, and skeletal. Moreover, research has shown that deficiencies in these critical elements are common and widespread in the general population.

Each AMRAP Nutrition Natural Deep Sleep Formula capsule contains 450mg of magnesium, 30mg of zinc, and 11mg of vitamin B-6, which has been shown to be the ideal ratio for these three essential nutrients. This highly effective post-workout recovery aid and powerful neurotropic supplement for men and women promotes deep REM sleep and increases anabolic hormone levels to stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Improves Athletic Performance by:

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    Promotes restful sleep

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    Aids nighttime recovery

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    Relieves muscle aches

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    Supports natural anabolic levels

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    72 essential trace minerals

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    GABA deep-sleep blend

The nutrients you need to sleep

Optimizing your sleep is the fastest way to maximize your full human potential.

We each compete with the same amount of hours in a day - but what if you could get more done with your waking hours by optimizing your sleep.

By using the herbs and amino acids together in this formula you can now improve your stress response, muscle recovery and REM sleep for a gain in mental performance.

Don't waste another night, nor another day in a sub-optimal state of being.

a restorative blend of amino acids and herbs to allow your body to achieve its deepest level of sleep wake up refreshed and ready to own the day

win the night to own the day

"Even after my hard training days and I wake up feeling almost completely recovered. Being in tune with my body, I can tell that these help my body get into an anabolic state, accelerating my recovery and repairing muscles. I’m really impressed with this formula and am a huge fan.”

– Sean Post

CrossFit Athlete

“Honestly the best night of sleep I have ever had. I fall asleep quickly and have the most amazing vivid dreams. The next day I wake up ready to take on the entire world and feel way smarter. Now names, faces, and words come to me effortlessly. Thank you!”

– Amanda Schulte

Professional Beach Volleyball

“Nothing is better than a refreshing night of sleep for both the body and the mind. As an athlete these help with my training, my endurance, my stamina and more than anything the mental game. I feel like I’m so well rested that I have the mental stamina to take anything that the day might throw at me.”

– Aaron Hess

CrossFit Athlete

“Such an amazing formula, my only wish is that I would have learned about this product sooner. I have been sleeping so good, my training and recovery have been on point and I feel that I’m calmer and able to respond to stress in a much more controlled way. It feels like I’m in the zone from the minute I wake. Love it! “

– Rachelle Sanders

Health Blogger / Writer


Product Ingredients


Wake up ready to own the day. Our Natural Deep Sleep Formula is a post-workout recovery aid designed to support anabolic levels and promote deeper levels of REM sleep. It also contains 72 trace minerals to support overall health and a proprietary GABA blend to help you feel refreshed.


For a good strong sleep, take one to three capsules 30 minutes before bed (90 capsules per bottle).

*We recommend you start with one capsule per night.

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