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Deep Sleep?

Zinc and magnesium play essential roles in numerous bodily systems, including cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, immune, and skeletal. Moreover, research has shown that deficiencies in these critical elements are common and widespread in the general population.

Each AMRAP Nutrition Natural Deep Sleep Formula capsule contains 450mg of magnesium, 30mg of zinc, and 11mg of vitamin B-6, which has been shown to be the ideal ratio for these three essential nutrients. This highly effective post-workout recovery aid and powerful neurotropic supplement for men and women promotes deep REM sleep and increases anabolic hormone levels to stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Improves athletic performance by:

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    Promotes restful sleep

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    Aids nighttime recovery

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    Relieves muscle aches

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    Supports natural anabolic levels

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    72 essential trace minerals

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    GABA deep-sleep blend


Product Ingredients


Wake up ready to own the day. Our Natural Deep Sleep Formula is a post-workout recovery aid designed to support anabolic levels and promote deeper levels of REM sleep. It also contains 72 trace minerals to support overall health and a proprietary GABA blend to help you feel refreshed.


For a good strong sleep, take one to three capsules 30 minutes before bed (90 capsules per bottle).

*We recommend you start with one capsule per night.

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